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As a member of the BIID and IIDA Lavinia Dargie is recognised for her distinctive style combining both traditional and modern interiors, achieving a classic contemporary feel reflecting 21st century living.

Dargie Lewis Designs was launched in 1978 and continues to thrive and develop, keeping abreast of the latest trends, yet sympathetic to classic foundations. Lavinia's no frills approach to design is firmly rooted in an unfussy and elegant style, with great attention to detail, scale and proportion. Individual flair for colour and comfort, form an important part of her work.

Whether the project is commercial, residential, modern or traditional, Lavinia has the ability to interpret the clients' needs and incorporates their lifestyle demands into her stylish schemes. Discretion is up-held at all times and unsurprisingly all her work comes through personal recommendation.


Lavinia will take on a variety of work from complete projects, updating existing schemes or just consultancy; every client has different requirements and flexibility is key for each individual.  

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